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Even though your marriage is ending, your divorce does not have to be a court battle where one side continually tries to gain the upper hand, where marital assets are hidden from each other and character assassinations destroy even the most memorable moments in a marriage. 

As a trained and certified Collaborative attorney, I offer a solution-oriented alternative where dignity, integrity and trust are rewarded. Together we will create a safe place so that everyone can talk about the issues surrounding the divorce; where the husband, wife and children are treated with respect and dignity; and where we nurture and help define the co-parenting and the after-divorce relationships.

The team-oriented approach brings together the right people to help you make solid, well-informed decisions about your future.  We work, in confidence, to forge an agreement that focuses on your individual as well as your mutual goals, thereby protecting your current and future privacy. We stay out of court and keep your personal information private.

I am an active member of a select group of attorneys called the Collaborative Professionals Association of San Antonio, trained in Collaborative Divorce.  Our goal is to positively address the expense and emotional hardship associated with divorce through shared experiences, continuing training and educating our clients.

A growing number of divorcing couples, along with other professionals around the country such as divorce lawyers, mental health professionals and financial specialists have been seeking a more constructive alternative to the traditionally litigated divorce.  These professionals have developed the Collaborative Law Practice model. 

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